About Us

About Us

Yogi GRC Products Private Limited has its manufacturing facility based in Wada, District Palghar. We are capable to supply in all developing regions globally. Glass-Reinforced Concrete (GRC) is one of the most versatile building materials available to Architects and Engineers. Our Company’s products are making a significant contribution to economics, technology and aesthetics of modern construction worldwide.

GRC is a single material but it includes a family of high performance cement based composites reinforced with special alkali resistant glass fibre which are engineered to suit a wide range of applications.

They are used as light weight cladding material for Commercial Building’s, Residential Complexes and Individual Villas as a decorative façade or for a total prefabricated enclosure and individual decorative elements of various types as required in a structure.

Yogi GRC


Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) also known as GRC is a cement based composite material, that is reinforced with alkali resistant fibres. By using al kali resistant glass fibres into cement mix, the process reinforces the material with corrosion proof sturdy fibres, which makes GRC long lasting for any construction requirement. Its lightweight nature makes the construction of walls, foundations. panels and cladding much easier and quicker.

This exclusive property of GRC outrages the other ordinary concrete material. The glass fibre reinforcement results in a product with much higher flexural and tensile strength than normal concrete. al lowing its use in thin wall casting applications. The alkali resistant property of the glass fibre imparts the long-term durability. The glass fibre, when used as a reinforcement material, helps the mortar mix well.


  • Durable and 75% lighter than customary concrete.
  • Possibility of casting in unlimited shapes.
  • colors and textures.
  • Easy to paint.
  • Low Maintenance.
  • Highly Durable and Safe.
  • High density with low porosity.
  • Quick and cost effective installations.
  • Fire Resistant, Weatherproof and Energy efficient.
  • Environment friendly.

GRC is playing a major role in Building projects, Leisure facilities, Urban renewals and Municipal schemes. Ever increasing attention is being focused on the built environment, Seating, planters, receptacles, kiosks, bollards, signs, statues and fountains. to name but a few, all benefit from being made in GRC with its ability to tailor shape, form and surface finish and to be aesthetically compatible with the chosen environment.

GRC also provides theme park and zoological architecture with a medium through which they can turn dreams into reality. Many of the world’s largest theme parks and zoos use GRC to create rocks capes, replica buildings, simulated environments for animals, and much more.

GRC in Elevation features such as Murals, Cornices, Façade, Screens, Replacement for stone claddings are often used to highlight the elevation, façade and provide detailing along with the long lasting strength and assured quality.